Jesse Lawrence
CEO & Founder

: Visionary thinker
Prior: Faculty at Stanford; Co-Founder Tilt Video

Jesse is a shrewd investor with a keen eye for the unseen. He has a knack for ideating solutions before carefully selecting the strongest ideas. Jesse believes in the power and importance of mentorship and advises numerous entrepreneurs, mentors, and startups both within and outside of the Boulder Bits community.
Sarah Phillips

: Accomplishing missions
Prior: Tech Services LLC; Sweet Potatoes Inc.

Sarah is committed to driving results for our portfolio companies while transforming day-to-day operations for Boulder Bits into scalable processes. She is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and is a champion for diversity. When she is not at work you can find her testing her limits in the great outdoors.
Jake Hurwitz
VP of Branding

: Creative powerhouse
Prior: Founder and CEO at Eyesight Collective

Jake is obsessed with curating and sharing stories and enjoys approaching his work from a unique perspective. Jake develops the Boulder Bits brand as well as the brands for our portfolio companies. When it comes to design, marketing and content, Jake brings it all to life from the ground up.
Pamela Narowski
VP of Strategic Development

: System Creation and Integrator
Prior: CEO at IMPART! Learning Solutions

Pam’s excitement is driven by the possibilities that lie within human innovation.  As a process creator, she allows for ideas to turn into well-designed systems to create a new reality.  Strategic design is how she converts an idea to a real company.
James Hudson Ratzlaff
Media Production Associate

: Entrepreneurial Creative
Prior: Freelance Photographer/Videographer

Hudson promotes the image and vision of Boulder Bits and is passionate about sharing his creativity with the world. He enjoys spending time in the mountains, rock climbing, and working with all things related to cameras.
Bhagyashree Borate
Web Development Associate

: Flexible Software Developer
Prior: Software Engineer at Accenture

Bhagya is a Master's student at the University of Colorado Denver majoring in Computer Science. At Boulder Bits, she develops functional products while working with cross-functional teams to build software solutions for current products and prototype products. In her free time, Bhagya enjoys time playing badminton, ping-pong, and practicing guitar..
Scout HIll
Public Relations Associate

: Public relations with a personal touch
Prior: Hunter Douglas, SMAK Strategies

Scout works with Boulder Bits and the portfolio companies on social media management, branding, marketing and public relations. In her free time, Scout enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, and trying new places to eat in town.
Sydney Burckhardt
Marketing and Strategy Associate

: Self-starter with great attention to detail
Prior: Marketing Coordinator at PizzaRev

Sydney enjoys thinking about big picture strategy and helps to develop Boulder Bits’ mission, vision, and brand strategy. In her free time, Sydney enjoys backpacking, listening to podcasts, and experimenting in the kitchen.
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