Founded: 2015

Stage: Seed

We are building a network of IoT sensors to detect earthquakes and notify people with a mobile app before the earthquake occurs. With an earthquake near San Jose, people in San Francisco would be notified ~60 seconds before the shaking starts. The app has over 90,000 organic downloads.

The sensors save lives, but your home will likely be damaged. There are $20B in annual uninsured losses from earthquakes. Our low-cost sensor technology also pinpoints the exact risk of a property, enabling right-sized insurance policies. Zizmos' mission is to install a sensor on every floor of every building. 




Founded: 2017

Stage: Pre-Seed

Tactac is a social shopping app that helps people find the items they need without dealing with anonymous reviews or hours of research. With Tactac you are not shopping alone. We provide a platform to connect you with your closest friends to get real and trusted advice, giving you your time back with more confidence and less returns.

Tactac was built to bridge the gap in the e-commerce experience and reconnect people while they shop. The result is more fun, less returns, and no stress.



Founded: 2015

Stage: Seed

Devices are the primary target of exponentially more harmful cyber attacks. Unfortunately, technological innovation leads to increased vulnerability. In 2016 alone, there was an average of 400 cyber attacks per minute, costing companies an average of $15.4M per attack. The most affected companies are Fortune 500.

Bear Systems is an enterprise cyber security solution that provides proactive security services managed from the cloud. Our device agent is a Secure Architecture as a Service (SAaaS) that is extremely lightweight, works across all device types, and is invisible to operating systems, applications, and networks.




Founded: 2017

Stage: Pre-Seed

Non-accredited investors are now allowed to invest in startups, but they do not have access to good deals and cannot achieve high exposure. We want to build a crowdfunded VC fund where anyone can invest on a rolling basis. 




Founded: 2017

Stage: Pre-MVP

Just ask EPIC to setup a time for you and your guests, and you’re done. When your guests accept the tentative invite, EPIC finds a time that works for everyone without anyone looking at their calendar. If someone double-books – because they didn’t use EPIC – everyone gets automatically rebooked. No fuss.