Working to democratize startup investment.
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InviteMe is a scheduling application that takes the work out of scheduling. By securely finding and scheduling a time that works for you and your guests, scheduling is as easy as Invite. Accept. Done.
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A network of Internet of Things sensors that detects earthquakes and uses a mobile app to notify people before the earthquake occurs. The sensors save lives and enable right-sized insurance policies.
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TacTac is a social shopping app that helps people find the items they need without dealing with anonymous reviews or hours of research. However, after months of hard work, we have decided to no longer work on bringing TacTac to market. We are grateful to all the partners, supporters, cheerleaders, critics and customers who helped make TacTac a worthy experiment to work on.
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Bear.Systems recognizes that devices are the primary target of harmful cyber attacks. To combat this problem, Bear.Systems created a cybersecurity solution that provides proactive security services managed from the cloud. This lightweight device works across all device types and is invisible to operating systems, applications, and networks.
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