Reengineering how startups are built.
We are a startup studio located in Colorado.
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Re-engineering how
startups are built.
A startup studio located in Colorado.
As a startup studio, we are a team of entrepreneurs and investors who launch three companies every year. We do this by sourcing world-class talent, forward-thinking ideas, investment capital, and countless resources.
portfolio company spotlight
Paul, Marco and John came together to democratize startup investment by allowing anyone to invest in portfolios of startups.
Paul Foley
Co-Founder and CEO
Marco Vienna
Co-Founder and COO
John Siladie
Co-Founder and CTO
Gazi and the Bits team built Zizmos as an earthquake early detection platform. When an earthquake occurs, the Zizmos servers send the user an early-warning notification that alerts the user of expected shaking in the area
Battalgazi Yildirim
Co-Founder and CEO
Gregg Stillman
Chief Business Development Officer
Mark Johnston
Hardware and Software engineer
We work with world-class entrepreneurs to develop ideas from scratch and validate or kill them. Together, we turn the best ideas into funded companies with traction and customer adoption.
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