Boulder Bits 1515 Walnut Street, Boulder CO


October 20, 21, 22, 2017


Developers, Product Managers, Marketers, UX Designers

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Nothing screams “productivity” like building a productivity app in less than 48 hours with a team of Colorado’s best developers, UX designers, and marketers. Interested in joining? Let’s grind.


There are thousands of scheduling apps. Do you know why? Because they all suck. Doodle poll is still the best way to schedule a group meeting but requires way too much effort to fill out. Calendly hardly works for groups of 3 or more, and don’t get us started about having to reschedule events.


So, we’re on a mission to build a new, EPIC scheduler that takes care of all of the hassles for you. No more back and forth, no more stress over scheduling conflicts, and no more absurd conversations trying to find the perfect time and location.


With that, we are on a mission to host a new type of hackathon, with the goal of answering the question, “Can we actually build a product in one weekend?”











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We’re bringing together Colorado’s brightest engineers, designers, product managers, marketers, and more to stand up EPIC in less than 48 hours. Instead of teams competing against each other, we are boasting the spirit of Boulder by encouraging teams to work together. This is more of a collaborative hackathon than a competition.


We are looking for Colorado’s most driven web developers (JS, NodeJS, Google Interactions, etc.), UI and UX Designers, project managers, and people with strengths in building databases (noSQL).


But what’s in it for our attendees? Thanks for asking. We’re bringing in a private masseuse, more food than you can possibly chow down, tons of prizes, well-respected drop-in mentors from some of the best companies in Colorado, and an opportunity to meet fellow badasses.


Interested? Apply here:

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Friday 10/20

6:30pm - Arrive, dinner, drinks, and rub elbows with fellow badasses

7:00pm - Brief welcome from the Boulder Bits CEO, Jesse Lawrence

7:05pm - Introduction to the project, describe team goals, Q&A, open conversation about the project.

8:00pm - Divide into teams, choose team leaders, ice-breaker activity.

9:00pm - Disperse or stay


Saturday 10/21

9:00am - Convene and breakfast

9:15am - API demo

9:30am - Hacking begins

Noon - Lunch

7:00pm - Dinner

11:00pm - Snack


Sunday 10/22

9:00am - Convene and breakfast

9:15am - Demos

9:45am - Hacking begins

Noon - Lunch

1:00pm - Bring it all together

2:00pm - Awards and celebration

3:00pm - Beer o’clock