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What is a startup studio?

Startup Studio
[ star∙tup / stu∙dee∙oh ]

noun; a company that tests many ideas at once and turns the best of them into companies while also attracting the human and financial capital necessary to bring them to the market.

the boulder bits process

Step 1: Generate ideas internally with a core team of entrepreneurs.

Step 2: Rigorously vet ideas to identify and invest in the top 1% of ideas that customers are demanding.

Step 3: Simultaneously build multiple startups based on the successful ideas and concepts.

Step 4: Source amazing founding teams to run the startups day-to-day.

Step 5: Provide teams with resources and funding, and sometimes act as a co-founder in order to allow them to focus on the most crucial aspects of their business.
Startup studio vs. accelerator program
our values
People First. We support our startup family by helping each other level up. We take pride and ownership in our roles. The result is that we are fulfilled and achieve our goals. We also focus heavily on improving diversity in Boulder's technology community.

Creative Genius. Our team continually fosters a community of inventiveness, inclusion, and a spirit of innovative thinking.
Trust and Transparency. Teams who are forthcoming achieve more. At Boulder Bits, we check our egos at the door and welcome all perspectives, backgrounds and beliefs.

Regional Benefit. Boulder is the smartest, happiest, and healthiest place to live in the country. According to Forbes, it is also the best place to start a business. We attract and retain people that exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit of Boulder.
Boulder Bits
1515 Walnut Street, Suite 300
Boulder, CO 80302


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